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About Us

Starting humbly from just a small machine over 20 years ago, we endlessly always strive for excellent procedure and even more excellent execution. Our family business only seemed to add more members and we grew locally in the Gresham and Portland area.

We decided we wanted to offer the best carpet cleaning service for Washington and Oregon, while still being completely Eco-friendly, and fast scheduling. Through our team we manage to do many services to multi-family homes, commercial areas, and all residential homes. To offer the best service, we decided to make a 30-day promise; if a customer is not satisfied with the work, we will come back at no extra-charge. We believe if one of our customers is paying for a service, they are paying for a service done right!


We use high end machines powered by Prochem, all maintained and built to run for many years. We work with pH levels in order to deliver the most effective and healthful cleaning we can. Over the years we have gained a lot of momentum in all cultural communities, in the most  exciting way, we value every single customer. Support our local business and give us a call today!

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